We have a wide selection of lands that can fit with the needs of families, groups and single persons that want to start a NEW LIFE, and we offer all the support necessary for to buy safely, build the right house with the right budget and begin the right fruit, vegetable and animal production, with the help of local eco/sustainable microfarmers that did all the experience necessary for to avoid a wrong start.
There are lands for all the budgets and preferences in term of location, characteristics of the land, kind of possible productions, size and type of the house to build, closeness to town and services, presence of pristine rainforest or oceanview, etc. etc..
Don't believe that your budget is too low, we have surprising solutions for the really interested and motivated persons.
If Your Goal is to live in a natural, simple way, in your SMALL FARM, eating fruits and vegetables you produce, enjoying of the wildlife that the closeness of National Parks as the Corcovado or the waters of the Golfo Dulce offer, well, we have something for you, just email us and we will find it.

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The Perfect Storm

In the Past years the idea that “…big is Beautiful and Good…” was the dominant concept about almost every field of our lives, including Osa Peninsula Real Estate, and everybody was looking for huge properties, with exotic features, often with no relation at all with the kind of use it was supposed to have.

After the 2008 Wall Street crash, the world is no more the same.

So now nine over ten inquiries are about small pieces of land with basic features as road access, electric grid, title, possibility of build a simple house and , if possible, some fruit tree already producing.

Oceanfront are now at the end of the list of inquiries, while Ocean View or Forest View, are still considered an interesting feature, but only if they offer  good land for to plant fruit trees, vegetable, grains for the chickens  and there is some good source of freshwater inside the property

What does this means?  It means that a lot of people tired of fighting against a bad economy, rising social and interpersonal problems, more inquisitive rules that reduce everybody freedom, are thinking to  a possible escape to all this jazz and are looking for a small piece of paradise where to live and produce all, or the most of what is necessary for a simple, healthy, rural lifestyle , before the Perfect Storm will erase everything.

A Sandy Strom is Hitting a small ztown in Colorado during the Great Depression

A Sandy Storm is Hitting a small town in Colorado during the Great Depression

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